Helpful Hints For Styling Your Bridesmaid

bride styling

Deciding what to do with your hair on your friends’ special day is second only to choosing the dress. The style must compliment you and the dress, as well as the other bridesmaids, accommodate any hair ornaments or hats, and it must also not compete with the bride. The key is to keep it simple.

Everybody in the bridal party will have different hair; length, color and texture. When the style and color of the dress is known, and once it is known what – if anything – is to be worn on the head, it is suggested that the bridal party get together to coordinate hair.

If this sounds a bit silly, think about how the bridal party photos will look when you have bridesmaids sporting hair-do’s ranging from big 80’s hair to a Grace Kelly chignon and everything in between. Also, remember that the bride is the focus of the day and NOT the bridesmaids’ hair.

There are certain things you should completely avoid doing before the wedding. Do not experiment with a new haircut. If you get a bad cut, or if you really hate it, it will be too late to do anything about it before the wedding. However, if you need a touch-up on your current style, by all means do it. The same holds true with hair color: go with a touch up of whatever you are currently using.

Deciding that this would be a good time to try that new shade of crimson would probably not be a great idea. On the subject of fake hair, my suggestion would be to think hard about it. Remember, that while a fall or ponytail may glamorize your look, it will also have to be securely anchored.

Not only that, but some colors are hard to match. And they can be heavy and hot, especially when worn all day. If you do decide to wear fake hair, work with your hairdresser and allow her to match it and attach it. We don’t want any mishaps!!

Anchoring hair ornaments may be difficult, especially if you have short hair. If it is at all possible, keep them to a minimum as they can overwhelm short hair. One of the easiest and most stylish ways to utilize the ornaments would be to use them as barrettes.

Headpieces and hats can be more difficult when trying to arrange your hairstyle. Again, I’ll emphasize simplicity. Let the headpiece be the showpiece; don’t let your hair compete with it. The same holds true with the dress itself. Hair can be considered an accessory, either complimentary or overwhelming.

The more ornate the dress, the simpler the hair. If your hair is long a simple chignon, French braid or ponytail tied with a ribbon matching the dress will look lovely – even with a hat or headpiece. Try to avoid elaborate updo’s, even with a plainer dress, as they are very hard to maintain for a long length of time.

Whether your hair is short or long, try to avoid excessive use of hair gel, hair cement or even hair spray. This is good advice, especially if the weather is rainy or excessively hot and humid. Hair products melt in the heat and wet products get sticky.

The main thing to remember is that this will be a long day. Keeping things simple and easy to maintain will not only keep you looking beautiful and fresh throughout the ceremony and photo shoots, but all day long.