Wedding Dresses Guide

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When choosing the perfect wedding gown, there are several tips you need to remember. The gown should accentuate your positive features and body shape. Therefore, if you go gown shopping and are well informed, you are sure to find a perfect gown for you.

The shape of the wedding dress is called the “silhouette.” When bridal consultants or the bridal shops refer to the silhouette, then you are aware that they are referring especially to the skirt shape.

Are you tall, lanky, short or full figured?

Make sure that you go a silhouette that is flattering to your figure. On your wedding day, you want to look picture perfect for the love of your life. As a bride, you want to take your man’s breath away as he sees you walking down the isle to meet him.

There are about five basic shapes that wedding gowns can be classified in. The silhouette can be A-line, Ball gown, Mermaid, Sheath or Empire. Each silhouette is flattering to specific body shapes and a few are a perfect choice for any shape. The most popular and one that we would say is most figure friendly is the A-line silhouette.

A Ball gown silhouette is like what you saw Cinderella wearing. This type of gown is fitted at the waist then has a full skirt. This is the one of the most traditional or classic of wedding gowns that are chosen by brides.

A gown that follows the hips and thighs and that has a skirt that flares out below the knee is what is called a Mermaid silhouette. As you can imagine from the description, it looks just like a mermaid. Because this style accentuates curves, a woman with an hour glass figure or curvaceous figure would look perfect in it.

A gown that would be a great choice for a thin or petite woman would be the Sheath silhouette. This modern look is also a popular choice for many as it generally looks very well on most shapes.

Another choice would be the Empire. This is a high waistline which starts at the bust and has a slender skirt. It’s a bit more conservative but a great pick for small busted and slim women.

If none of these above silhouettes sound appealing to you, then perhaps you wish to go with a more romantic or classic look. A romantic look would be a strapless gown or one that is long sleeved with a heart shaped neckline. A classic look would be a great choice for a conservative woman as it has a bit of satin and little beading.

These are some suggestions to keep in mind. Remember that they are only suggestions. If you have your heart set on a gown regardless of the shape, then go with the one you have always wanted. The only way your wedding will fulfill your fantasy is by choosing and buying the wedding gown that you have always desired.